MMP for TTA and RidgeStop for Patella Luxation

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This one day dry and wet lab at one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the UK covers the following orthopaedic issues:

  • Canine Cruciate Repair
  • Patella Luxation

This workshop gives participants the chance to carry out procedures on synthetic models followed by cadavers at one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the UK.

MMP for Canine Cruciate Disease

An evolution of the TTA procedure for treatment of lameness due to canine cruciate failure

  • Introduction to MMP
  • Orthofoam technology and its development
  • Advancement and the 90 degree patella tendon andgle - the controversies
  • MMP trials and outcomes
  • Publications about MMP
  • How to perform an MMP
  • Practical sawbone session
  • Wet lab

RidgeStop for Patella Luxation 

A minimally invasive alternative to sulcoplasty

  • Overview of patella luxation pathophysiology
  • Diagnosis and current surgical treatments for patella luxation
  • The development and rationale of RidgeStop
  • How to perform the RidgeStop procedure
  • Practical sawbone se


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