Pain Management for Veterinary Nurses

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About the course

Veterinary nurses are at the forefront of patient care and ideally placed to recognise the signs of acute and chronic pain in small animal patients. This course will aid you in taking steps to recognise and to help manage that pain.

We will discuss all aspects from recognising pain, to learning the best drug combinations to combat the discomfort. This course will give you the tools to make sure your patients are as comfortable as possible, whist your veterinary team is making them better.

Delegates will consider:

  • The physiology of pain
  • How to tell when your patient is hurting
  • The ‘what, when and how to’ of medication
  • Frequently used medications to manage pain
  • Multimodal analgesia: when you need more than one
  • Side effects and contraindications of pain relief medication
  • Case Studies

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