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09 NOV 2017 09:00 - 17:15
This is an exciting opportunity to participate in the second interactive workshop focusing on equine cardiology. The speakers again include the world renowned veterinary cardiologist, Professor John Bonagura from the Ohio State University and he is joined by Professor Rob Shave from the University of Cardiff, a world authority on cardiac remodelling in human athletes. The morning session will focus on cardiac remodelling in health and disease and the interactive cases will explore how it influences decision making in equine echocardiography. In the afternoon, the focus shifts to the commonest equine arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, with contributions from Professor Gunther Van Loon from the University of Ghent, Dr John Keen from the University of Edinburgh and Prof Bonagura who jointly explore decision making and treatment options for equine AF. 
As a bonus, this workshop deliberately precedes the 2017 Autumn meeting of the Veterinary Cardiovascular Society (VCS) to be held at the same venue. Again, BEVA members will be able to register for 1 or 2 days of the VCS autumn meeting for the same rate as their own members. Over these two days, there will be a comparative theme with exercise-associated collapse in horses, cats, dogs and humans being the main topic. On Friday the 10th, the day’s focus is on syncope and seizures, with contributions from medical cardiologists, small animal and equine specialists and the day promises to stimulate lots of thought and discussion to lead nicely into their very social annual dinner, to which BEVA members are also cordially invited. On day 2, there are contributions on advanced imaging modalities in horses, cardiac murmurs in all species and an update on post exercise arrhythmias in racehorses and polocrosse ponies. 
BEVA Members £150
Concessionary Members £125
Non Members £300
Learning Objectives:
You will appreciate how the heart changes in response to disease and athletic training 
An increased understanding of cardiac remodelling and volume overload will improve your echocardiographic interpretation in clinical patients 
You will develop your understanding of equine atrial fibrillation and it’s treatment 
You will be able to select the most appropriate treatment for the range of equine patients affected by this condition
Your participation in interactive case studies will improve your decision making in equine echocardiography and Equine AF 
VCS Members may attend at the BEVA Member rate. Please telephone the BEVA office to book your place.
Course Organiser: 
Prof Lesley Young BVSc PhD DVA DipECVA DVC MRCVS - Suffolk 
Prof John Bonagura DVM, MS, DIPL ACVIM - Ohio 
Prof Rob Shave PhD MSc BSc (Hons) - Cardiff 
Prof Gunther Van Loon DVM,PhD,Dip ECEIM,Dip ECVDI - Ghent 
Prof Lesley Young BVSc PhD DVA DipECVA DVC MRCVS - Suffolk 
Dr John Keen BSc BVetMed PhD Cert EM (Int Med) DipECEIM MRCVS - Edinburgh

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