A Surgical Tour of the Abdomen

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The exploratory coeliotomy is a commonly performed operation in veterinary practice. It should be regarded as an opportunity to
examine the entire abdominal cavity, and surgeons should avoid the temptation to treat only the obvious lesion prior to closure of the
peritoneal cavity. It is also important to biopsy relevant viscera both in cases with obvious lesions and in those showing no apparent
pathology. The lectures will provide an overview of normal surgical abdominal anatomy in both the dog and cat. Video presentations
will be used to show techniques that can be used to biopsy all of the major abdominal viscera. Practical tips and tricks for performing
a successful exploratory coeliotomy will be stressed. In addition, lectures and video presentations will also cover some common surgical procedures such as gastrotomy, enterotomy, and enterectomy. There will be an opportunity to practice some of these techniques in the dry lab setting.

Speaker: Rob White BSc (Hons) BVetMed
CertVA DSAS (Soft Tissue) DipECVS FRCVS


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