Reptiles in Practice - From Tortoise, to Lizards and Snakes - A 2-Day Practical Course

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About the course

Reptile keeping is certainly on the up in the UK and across Europe. Sadly all too often case presentation is linked to husbandry and management related shortfalls. 

The first day of this course will deal with management, husbandry (with a particular emphasis on recent husbandry advances) sex determination, parisitology, common case presentations, anaesthesia, clinical pathology techniques, diagnostic imaging, differential diagnosis, treatment options and therapeutic options (drugs, doses, routes of administration). 

Conditions of snakes, chelonian, lizards and crocodilians will be considered.

Day two will involve practical aspects, plastronectomies, pharyngostomy tube placements, carapace repairs, orthopaedics (external and internal coaptation), and minimal invasive surgical techniques.

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