Lipogems Regenerative Medicine Seminar by Lipocast Biotech UK

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About the course

Key Areas:

The future of regenerative medicine – what can Lipogems offer veterinary surgeons?

The science behind the technology – evidence and explanation of the molecular biological process at hand and the major differences with other regenerative alternatives

Evidence – case by case review of a variety of injuries and conditions treated – equine, canine and references to human research publications and studies

Procedure demonstrations – the procedure for both equine and canine treatment will be demonstrated

Are you looking for the most cutting edge regenerative therapy that offers results for your clients and their patients?

Lipogems® Equine and Canine is an innovative application of regenerative medicine, it is unlike any other regenerative therapy available for treating horses and dogs with soft tissue and orthopaedic conditions.

​The treatment works by micro-fragmenting autologous adipose tissue through a non-enzymatic, mechanical process using the closed-loop system and disposable Lipogems® device. The harvested fat tissue using the Lipogems® device is washed in saline and gently agitated so that the Pericytes detach from the vascular vessels. These cells with the stromal vascular structure of adipose tissue acts as a local scaffold to maintain regenerative activity. Due to the intact vascular stromal niche Lipogems® acts as a natural scaffold preserving activated MSCs. The process replicates the body’s natural damage response mechanism.

The treatment has been used to treat a range of soft tissue and orthopaedic conditions in equine and canine patients. A series of cases representing the parameters of the treatment will be discussed on the day.

The day course can also be followed up with booking of private additional training appointments with one of our Lead or Consultant Lipogems Veterinary Surgeons

Places are limited for the day. Please book well in advance to secure your place. Confirmation will be sent and a full itinerary and directions to the event will be provided. Light refreshments will be provided during the day. All attendees will be accredited in the use of Lipogems.


Equine Lead - Dr Tim Watson BVM&S PhD MRCVS

Director at Waterlane Equine Vets in Gloucestershire, which is an ambulatory equine practice covering Gloucestershire and North Wiltshire, and Lipogems Equine Lead Veterinary Surgeon. Tim has two years’ experience of using Lipogems to treat a range of orthopaedic conditions affecting race, sports and pleasure horses.

Dr Offer Zeira DVM PhD

Director of San Michele Veterinary Hospital, Milan, field of study veterinary orthopedics and neurosurgery, since January 2009 where he mainly deals with neurology, neurosurgery, regenerative medicine and research. He collaborates with several research institutes for veterinary medicine and human medicine in the field of neurodegenerative diseases, spinal injuries, neuro-oncology and for the development of cancer vaccines.

Stefano Olgiati, PhD, FRSM, MSc 

Lipogems Equine are delighted to announce that the Chairman of Lipocast Biotech U.K, providers of Lipogems Equine and Canine, and Scientific Board member, Stefano Olgiati, PhD, FRSM, MSc will open the Lipogems Regenerative Medicine Seminar with a talk about the history and science behind Lipogems before opening the floor to respond to questions.

Additional speakers will be confirmed closer to the date.

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