Local Anaesthetic Techniques

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About the course

About this course

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This is a practical onsite course that aims to teach participants the skills required to implement local anesthesia techniques on a day-to-day basis in veterinary practice. The course is designed to cover information relevant for both vets and nurses. We encourage vets and nurses from the same practice to attend the course so that a coordinated approach to analgesia in their practice can be developed. Relevant legislation will be covered. Wet lab facilities will allow all participants plenty of time to practice each technique. The course will conclude with material covering alternative techniques, such as continuous infusions, that can be used when local techniques are unsuccessful or inappropriate. Participants will get a summary of the use of local anesthesia techniques in small animals during the lectures and will practice the techniques they want to learn during the wet lab.


Why do this course?

This course will be useful for those who want to start with the basic local anesthesia techniques but also for those who want to improve/learn more advanced techniques.


Course details

Course type: Onsite
Course format: Lectures, case-based discussions, and practical sessions
Course length: One-day
Relevant to CertAVP module: Small Animal Anaesthesia and Analgesia (C-VA.1)
Course fee: Vet and nurse team: £774; Vet only: £625; Nurse only: £199



Jaime Viscasillas, DVM MRCVS 
Staff Clinician in Veterinary Anaesthesia 
The Royal Veterinary College 

Lisa Angell, VTS (Anaesthesia) RVN 
Head Anaesthesia Nurse 
The Royal Veterinary College 

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