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About the course

About this course

Confused about medical disease processes? Wondering how the nursing care you give impacts the disease state of your patient?

CPD courses on medical nursing are not common. Once qualified, veterinary nurses are expected to remember the pathophysiology behind the nursing plans for our patients. This is difficult, as our job role doesn’t involve daily logical problem solving of medical diseases the way it does for veterinary clinicians. We will know that “what” and the “how” of our nursing care but sometimes not the “why”!

Completion of this online course will help improve your understanding of medical nursing by looking at a range of conditions seen in clinical practice. The pathophysiology, nursing considerations and complications of a number of common medical conditions will be highlighted. Learn how patients suffering from a range of medical conditions are nursed in clinics all over the UK and beyond using discussion forums and the transfer of knowledge through the online course platform. Test your knowledge at the end of each week with self-assessment tasks and watch your knowledge grow!


Why do this course? 

This course will refresh your knowledge of key areas in common medical disease pathways as well as discuss how medical conditions are nursed to a high standard. It will help bridge the gap between “what we do” and “why we do it”.


Course details

Course format: An intensive tutor-moderated online learning experience. Resources include a combination of one-hour weekly reading tutorials, shared discussion forums with colleagues and the tutor, including case-based approaches and self-assessment tasks as well as supplementary reading
Course length: Six weeks



Gina Parkes, DipAVN (Small animal) RVN 
Head Medicine Nurse 
The Royal Veterinary College 

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