1202 Cytology Workshop – Lumps and Bumps

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About the course

Would you like to use cytology to investigate skin masses in your practice? This course will help you learn to recognise inflammatory/infectious and non-neoplastic lesions and to distinguish malignant masses from benign lumps. You’ll develop a rational strategy for using skin cytology effectively in your practice and optimising your patient management.  Practical microscopy sessions with direct help and guidance from the expert and approachable tutor give you hands-on practice with the techniques and interpretation.  Case orientated seminars will help you put your new knowledge into practice with the  types of patients that are likely to come into your consulting room.


What you’ll learn:

  • „How to prepare and maximise the quality of smears for cytological examination
  • „A systematic approach to examination of cytology smears
  • „Develop a logical and effective strategy for using skin cytology in your practice
  • „How to identify inflammatory cells and differentiate bacterial infection from other types of infection
  • „Recognise the morphological appearance of benign and malignant neoplastic cells
  • „How to identify the cells and recognise findings which are indicative of common  non-neoplastic skin lesions such as follicular/epidermal cysts
  • „How to identify common tumours
  • „Hands-on practical microscopy sessions

Course Tutor:    Kostas Papasouliotis DVM PhD DipRCPath DipECVCP MRCVS

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