Practical abdominal ultrasound scanning day for eCPD Course

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About the course

Key Areas

  • Practical technique for:
  • - Liver
  • - Gallbladder
  • - Spleen
  • - Stomach
  • - Intestine
  • - Kidneys
  • - Adrenals (practice the left adrenal)
  • - Pancreas (practice the right lobe)
  • - Urinary bladder
  • - Ultrasound-guided aspiration and biopsy

About this course

This course is for delegates who have attended an eCPD course: Abdominal ultrasonography online -

If you have not attended this online course and wish to book a Practical abdominal scanning day please click on this link:

Many veterinarians are keen to develop their knowledge and skills in abdominal ultrasonography as it is such a useful diagnostic tool in general practice. There are many CPD courses available from different providers that provide a rich learning experience in a variety of formats. However, some courses cannot offer a practical component or they offer limited practical experience and there is virtually never an opportunity for participants to return for further guidance after the course.

These abdominal practical scanning days are for veterinary surgeons with limited ultrasound experience or simply veterinarians that would like to fine-tune their basic abdominal ultrasound skills.

It is not aimed at practitioners with more advanced ultrasound experience. The days will be entirely devoted to scanning – there will be no lectures or course notes and participants will be expected to have attended an introductory CPD course (from any suitable CPD provider) previously (where the basics of ultrasound theory were discussed and techniques demonstrated) or have some personal experience performing abdominal ultrasound examinations. Please call us on 01707 666865 if you are in any doubt.

Why do this course?
At the end of the course, you will have practiced the techniques needed to perform a basic abdominal ultrasound and ultrasound-guided aspiration and biopsy in dogs.

Course details
Course format: Practical scanning sessions
Course length: One-day

Important note - participants of this course will be expected to have attended our Abdominal ultrasonography online course.  Please call us on 01707 666865 if you are in any doubt.



Consultant Radiologist, Dick White Referrals 
Honorary Associate Professor of Diagnostic Imaging, Nottingham University 

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