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Obesity is now recognised as a disease1 and the most common form of malnutrition2. In the UK the prevalence of pet obesity is increasing, with at least 59% of all dogs and 39% of all cats overweight or obese3,4.

As we move forward into 2018, facing this epidemic ROYAL CANIN® recognises the need to provide further education to support the veterinary surgeons to understand the seriousness of this disease and communicate it to pet owners.

With an objective to engage vets in weight management and hone their skills and knowledge to truly make a difference to the lives of cats and dogs, ROYAL CANIN®’s weight management specialists will host a two-day Weight Management Congress from 21st - 22nd February 2018.

Delegates will experience a packed schedule of lectures and workshops delivered by key opinion leaders including Prof. Alex German, Georgia Woods, Brian Faulkner, Briony Alderson, Sandra McCune and Jon Bowen. 

The specialist event will cover topics including; the science of obesity, the human-animal interaction, anaesthetic risks, the effect of obesity on feline behaviours and the business of obesity. The event concludes with a round table discussion to explore the responsibility surrounding overweight and obese pets.

At the end of this two day event, all delegates should return to practice feeling more confident in recognising, managing and preventing obesity.

The price of the course includes overnight accommodation, meals, evening entertainment and all lectures and workshops. 


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