1174 Arthrodesis Workshop for Advanced Practitioners

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About the course

Arthrodesis can be an effective salvage procedure for joint luxations and end stage osteoarthritis. However it is a significant surgical undertaking and successful arthrodesis requires you to be good at decision-making and effective with your surgical technique. This highly practical one day course is designed to help you to develop your decision-making and practical skills and to get better results with common arthrodesis surgeries. You’ll learn techniques in extensive hands-on practical surgery sessions with guidance from expert and approachable tutors.

What you’ll learn:

Principles of arthrodesis – what you need to know

  • When you should and when you shouldn’t perform arthrodesis
  • Brief overview of shoulder, elbow and stifle arthrodesis
  • Comprehensive overview of carpal and tarsal arthrodesis
  • Practical sessions to develop your surgical technique on: Pancarpal arthrodesis, Calcaneoquartile arthrodesis, and Pantarsal arthrodesis

Speaker Scott Rutherford BVMS CertSAS DipECVS MRCVS

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