Dental Radiography for Nurses

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Dental radiography is at a tipping point in veterinary practice as more and more practices rightly acknowledge its importance and make worthwhile investments. All veterinary practices providing small animal dental services should have access to, and use dental radiography on a routine basis. Nurses can become actively involved in, and highly proficient at generating diagnostic full mouth dental radiographs of cats and dogs. This ensures detection of all relevant pathology in the pets’ mouth that might otherwise be missed, and allows vets to ascertain an accurate diagnosis and then perform the correct treatment.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Why do we take dental radiographs?
  • How do we generate diagnostic dental radiographs?
  • When do we take dental radiographs?
  • Parallel and bisecting angle techniques
  • Is it diagnostic? If not, what went wrong?

Lecturer: Rachel Perry BSc BVM&S MANZCVS (Small Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery) Dip.EVDC, MRCVS European Veterinary Specialist, Veterinary Dentistry RCVS Specialist, Veterinary Dentistry

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