Critical Nursing of the Trauma Patient

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About the course

Trauma patients commonly present to us as emergencies; the nature of their injuries dictates prompt triage, stabilisation and then often surgical intervention. This course is suitable for all veterinary nurses and aims to outline a systematic approach from initial assessment of major body systems at triage, to stabilisation of dyspnoea and ‘shock’, through to the specific management of certain presentations once stable.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Triage and assessment of major body systems
  • Stabilising the dyspnoeic patient
  • ‘Shock’; recognize it then treat it
  • Initial wound management: debride and lavage
  • Haemoabdomen patients; what’s different about fluids

Diaphragmatic rupture; anaesthesia and surgery

Lecturer: Paul Aldridge BVSc Cert SAS MRCVS

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