The Complexity of Feline Dentistry

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About the course

This course will provide an understanding of feline oral anatomy and occlusion, common oral conditions, intraoral radiographic technique and interpretation, efficient extraction techniques. We will also compare the differences in anatomy of different types of felines, from small cats to lions.

Course goal: After this course, as a general practitioner, you will have the skills to adequately diagnose feline oral problems, both grossly and radiographically. It will provide the basic skills to efficiently surgically remove teeth.

Theoretical topics: 
Feline Oral Anatomy
Differences in Feline anatomy
Feline Intraoral Radiography
Tooth Resorption (TR)
Basic Extractions
Difficult Extractions
Extraction Complications
Feline Oral Tumors Traumatic Injuries
Ethical Consideration

Practical/interactive procedures:
Intraoral radiography
Local Anesthesia
Individual Extractions
Quadrant Extractions
Full Mouth Extractions
Repair of Symphyseal Separation

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