Patient-Friendly Practice - Cats (RACE accredited)

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About the course

We all know how stressed cats can be in practice - and how this can manifest at all levels - from just showing mild signs of anxiety to being unmanageable by veterinary staff and even the owner. This is not good for us, the owner or the cat.

This interactive, tutored course will look at some basic background cat behaviour, explore your real-life cases from practice, give you tools for reading the signs of stress, and help you to learn ideas and solutions for making feline visits easier and more harmonious for everyone. We'll also look at how to educate owners in making their cat's visit less stressful, which is also a vital factor in this equation.

As part of the course you'll also create a practice protocol on low stress considerations, and a client leaflet - to take back to practice and share your learning with your practice, your colleagues and your clients.

Over the course of two weeks you will communicate with your classmates and tutor online and at a time that suits you, check in to the class on a break, after work or on a day off and enjoy learning as you go!

This course is provided as a collaboration between ONCORE and VetBloom and is delivered via VetBloom's easy-access VLE.


  • Linda Ryan
  • 2 weeks (14 days) per course


  • January 22 – February 5, 2018


  • $200 per course

RACE credits

  • 8 hours RACE-Approved Interactive Online per course


  • Courses on VetBloom’s online learning platform

Suitable for

  • Veterinary technicians & nurses, veterinarians, students

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