Companion Animal Behaviour in General Practice-Part 1

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Many vets’ and vet nurses’ education on behaviour was somewhat limited and people can often feel out of their depth when clients ask about behaviour problems or when they are faced with an aggressive animal in practice. This course will focus on teaching delegates about behaviour that is primarily relevant to the general practitioner and the veterinary nurse. It will cover topics such as crucial preventative behavioural advice for new puppies, kittens and rabbits, medical differentials for behaviour problems, interpreting body language and improving welfare during handling and hospitalisation.


Module 1. Handling and examining animals in the surgery: DOGS
Module 2. Handling and examining animals in the surgery: CATS
Module 3. Advising clients with new young acquisitions
Module 4. First aid advice for clients experiencing behaviour problems
Module 5. Medical problems influencing behaviour
Module 6. Meeting the behavioural needs of the pet rabbit
Module 7. Meeting the behavioural needs of the pet parrot
Module 8. Final MCQ exam to gain your CPD certificate 

Vet CPD Online Tutored Courses take approximately 8 hours to complete and can be completed at your own pace and at any time over the course’s 3-week period. There are downloadable course notes and clinical cases to work through, plus – what makes our courses unique – a busy clinical forum where questions and answers are posted and where delegates have access to the instructor for the duration of the course. This always generates some lively discussions and the idea is that no one should leave a course with any unanswered questions.


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