Eyelid and Corneal Surgery

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About the course

This 2-day practical course will give you the opportunity to discuss and perform ophthalmic surgery. The anatomy and physiology of the cornea, eyelids and 3rd eyelid will be reviewed and consideration given to the conditions affecting these areas, including those associated with breed related conformation. The surgical techniques to correct entropion and ectropion, resect eyelid neoplasms, perform keratectomies and placing conjunctival grafts will be discussed in detail. Delegates will then spend ample time practising these procedures in a supervised practical session.

By the end of this course you should have an understanding of:

• The spectrum of congenital, developmental and conformation related disorders of the eyelids that require surgical correction

• The aetiology, diagnosis and management of third eyelid conditions

• Corneal anatomy, physiology and wound healing

• The types of corneal repair and reconstruction, including direct suturing, conjunctival grafts and corneo-conjunctival transposition

• The surgical procedures for use on the cornea, such as grid keratotomy, superficial keratectomy and removal of foreign bodies.

Speaker: Ben Blacklock


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