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Adam Bernstein explains why CPD is so important and explores the various ways vets and vet nurses can maintain and develop their knowledge and skills.

Webinars may be the new kid on the tuition block, but combining traditional learning techniques with online training may still be the best approach.

Julie Dugmore, RVN and director of veterinary nursing at the RCVS, discusses what counts as CPD, and the best way to complete and record it.

Knowledge is power – which is why vet Nick Marsh battles the unpredictability of appointments, satnavs and technical malfunctions to get to meetings.

Why is continuing professional development so crucial to being part of a profession, and what distinguishes it from a simple exercise in bureaucracy?

Advances in technology and improved internet speeds mean much of the 105 hours of CPD a vet is required by the RCVS to complete over three years is ju